More than just pictures!

Flickr is one of the easiest tools for teachers to use for digitial photography.
It is social software where the contributors interact and share and learn from
each other in creative and interesting ways. The great thing is that Flickr is 100% free!

Simple How To:

1) Create a personal or classroom account for students to share
2) Personalize your profile
3) Pick photos to upload (edit pics before uploading/ editing site)
4) Share pictures with friends or make them private

Watch video for a more in depth how to!

Flickr in the classroom! What exactly can I do with Flickr with my students?

1) Create presentations and slide shows
2) Illustrate poetry
3) Document school work
4)Teach geography by integrating Google Earth
5) Create virtual field trips
6) Have online discussions about photographs
7) David Jakes Page More suggestions for using Flickr

One of the most useful tools for Flickr is the annotation feature which allows you to add notes to
parts of the image simply by dragging a box across an area and typing textinto a form. When
complete you can drag your mouse across the picture and the annotations will pop up.
Here is an example of a 3rd grade student who did a projecton Jane Goodall's camp in Africa.
Jane Goodall's Camp
Turn any of your pictures from Flickr into a magazine cover. First go to
Flickr Magazine Cover. Next you have to link your Flickr account simply by clicking on
Flickr beside the upload button. It will give you further directions. After you choose a phote
from Flickr you can create your magazine cover by filling in the information. When finished
click create. You can purchase or save it to your computer as a photo.
Here is a simple example that I created.Mrs. Clark Magazine Cover
Open pictures to the exact location where they were taken. Start by finding the exact latitude
and longitude of where the picture was taken. To do this use Google Maps and enter the
address or the attraction into the search line. Now click on the word "Link" link at the
top right of the map. In the Search Box or URL of the page that appears will be the latitude and
longitude information you need right after the letters "ll" in the address. It should look like this
Now go back to photo in Flickr and add tags that show these coordinates. Here is an example
for the form to use: "geo:lat=43.8828" "geo:lon=-103.459969". Add a third tag "geotagged."
Finally, add this comment to the photo exactly the way it appears.
Click on <a href=>this link</a>to
see this picture in <a href=>Google Earth!</a>
When you publish the comment click on the link and it should open to Google Earth!Map.JPG
Here is an example that I created for Brevard, NC. Think of the possibilities you could use this tool for.You could map your reading stories across Google Earth showing pictures of where the story took place.
You could do a photo tour of the community. You could do photo tours of field trips. You can also search
the Flickr universe for pictures that have been geotagged by using Just search a tag, like
"mountain climbing," and see what comes up. Then students can comment on these photos and share
experiences with people across the world.
Google Earth