A Voicethread is digital storytelling at its best. This communication tool allows you to share your thoughts with the world about uploaded images. The conversation format is not an immediate chat environment, but an area to publish, share and respond to others. You have three choices as to how you will share your words: you may speak them, type them, or use a webcam if you are able to, and you may comment as often as you like and on any or all of the pages. Viewers can appreciate members' comments and even make comments themselves. Bring oral history to life in the classroom, as students narrate a series of images that relate to the skills and ideas they have learned in a particular lesson.

Explore some examples of Voicethreads!

Math Voicethread
Poetry Voicethread
Social Studies Voicethread

Potential Uses in Education:
  • Reflection
  • Retell an event, story
  • Review concepts
  • Pre or post activity
  • Science experiment documenting steps /results
  • Journal of progress
  • Debate topics
  • Open House demonstration
  • Book Reviews
  • Poetry and illustrations
  • Math prroblem solving

How to Create a VoiceThread from Michelle Pacansky-Brock on Vimeo.